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getting back to the visual design routine / 2022.02.09

miro is announcing the new and exciting chapter today:
30 million users, 1,200 employees, and 11 offices across the globe, and a $400M in series C raise at a $17.5B valuation / 2022.01.05

the playlist for the end of the year: wrapping up things, meeting significant others, making quality time for yourself — 66 tracks 4h 48 min. spotify or apple music / eoy 2021

i re-discovered jewelry for myself this year / 2021.12.30

design matters'21 provided me with an opportunity to meet design community in person and re-connect with it after one and a half years of pandemic. that was a great moment to reflect on the past, recognize the present and think about the future of work / 2021.09.29

i'm so proud to share our first big update on accessibility at miro. these are our first steps to make the product more accessible for people with different access needs. we have still a lot of work to do, and we are aware of it. yet i'd like to celebrate the team effort of bringing our mission of empowering teams to create the next big things by providing the best solution to live. i was humbled to be aligned to this effort as the directly responsible individual on the company level / 2021.07.15

giorgia: what do you find influences and affects employees’ creativity in the workplace?

vlad: a friend of mine once said, “you can only play when you’re safe” — this has become the basic principle of creative work for me. i deeply believe that leaders are responsible for creating a safe environment, or if you prefer a “playground”, for the team; we should empower team mates to share, explore and co-create ideas and do it in an honest and supportive way. in short: the foundation for creativity is built on culture, trust, safety, honesty, and mutual respect.

demagsign / 2021.05.27

the talk with bang bang education about getting to know yourself, inner honesty, interest and finding your place. about digital product design, transformations, global thinking and effects. photography as a way to see. ethics and aesthetics, cultural contexts, teamwork and a look into the future that will change everything. ru / 2021.03.15

we have a tradition at miro to nominate culture champions, people who live up toour team values. i'm happy to be recognized as a person representing one out of the six values, stands for "yes to passion, no to bullshit"—my favorite one, actually / 2020.11.11

gladioli for olga — probably the tallest bouquet i've ever made / 2020.08.08

rosenfeld media: what is the professional experience like for designers and designops people at your company?

vlad: miro as a team relies on a holistic approach to digital product design. each designer has an opportunity to lead projects end-to-end. we start collaboratively with pms to identify the right problem to solve, then explore potential solutions, validate them with customers, implement cross-functionally and measure success. it helps to see a bigger picture, make data-informed decisions and connect those with the company mission and vision.

enterprise experience / 2020.08.07

my first ever podcast about authenticity, design, role models, gender, passion, work, boundaries, and a lot more. thanks to lena truskova for the conversation. ru / 2020.08.03

playful ceramics from saint p. / 2020.08.02

nielsen norman group "ux management" certification. cources. managing user experience strategy. lean ux and agile. ux deliverables. design tradeoffs and ux decision frameworks. designops: scaling ux design and user research. user research methods: from strategy to requirements to design. analytics and user experience/ 2020.07.12


align widgets on the board in just one click with auto layout. we are at miro would like you to focus on what matters; the rest the tool will manage on its own / 2020.06.07

that's the summary of talk i've given at emerge conference on design leadership and lessons learned in a hyper-growth startup.

there's no single right way to be a leader. self-doubt and the imposter syndrome often take place when you are taking the first leadership steps.

it's a very personal journey for each designer. you should accept the challenge of shifting your focus from the craft itself to building a team and company, defining processes as well as shaping the culture to empower teammates to execute their best work.

i believe the only one way to demystify leadership and support those who are in a transition is to promote and share as many personal stories as we can within the community to celebrate the diversity of leadership styles and practices.

this talk is my contribution to the discussion / 2020.06.03

i had a privilege to help my friend figured out the idea of tattoo cover. the experience was both exciting and scaring since iterations with tattoos require a bit more responsibility than "push and commit" / 2020.05.31


international day against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia — visual study / 2020.05.17


we'd like to empower thinkers, doers and knowledge workers around the world to share their best practices and learn from each other, so we happy to introduce you the platform to give you a space for it — please welcome miroverse / 2020.05.27

music is a massive part of all what i do. one week before the official start of summer i've decided to assemble a comprehensive playlist. it's a reflection of my perception of this quite strange spring 2020, and the appreciation of a moment, then nature is awakening. you find this four-hours long mixtape on spotify or apple music / 2020.05.23

the icon for my new gallery of eye-catching & heart-warming pieces of design, arts & culture at telegram / 2020.05.10

the postcard design for the 3-rd anniversary of my friend's kruzhok.io — project, dedicated to promoting educational activities in a far region of the russia / 2020.05.10

miro case get two medals on european design awards: gold one for the "digital identity" and silver for "motion logo", thanks to our partners, vruchtveles, and all our team / 2020.05.10

weird and lovely birthday zoom background design for our team lead, ivan, who owns a fluffy husky and work late hours, that's why you can find knife emoji on the pic, since that's exactly emoji we use in our internal chat to promote well-being / 2020.05.03

self-portrait during self-isolation / 2020.04.26

my first ever experience of taking screenshotting seriously as photography during the lockdown and a facetime video-call. thanks to sasha for modeling / 2020.04.06

my playlist for april. apple music / 2020.04

"miro is a company in the right place at the right time. the makers of a digital whiteboard are seeing usage surge right now as businesses move from the workplace and physical whiteboards. today, the company announced a hefty $50 million series B." techcrunch / 2020.04.23

the online event, dedicated to supporting teams and team leaders to adapt to the remote work. youtube (rus) / 2020.03.21

beauty and clarity — the collage that reflects my values and the current state of my pinterest account / 2020.03.20

the beauty of collaboration or how miro team use miro to ideate and brainstorm across the globe / 2020.03.20

design leadership club is a private community of design professionals, who strive to promote best practices of leading teams in the VUCA-world. website / 2020.03.20


the logotype for a floral boutique specializing on a dry flowers / 2020.01.12

gleb / 2020.01.12

rgb — brutalist lettering / 2019.12.28

miro visual notes is a collaborative text editor within the board. i've been leading the project from the strategy-level decision-making to the final testing and implementation as a product manager and design lead / 2019.12.10

figma moscow meetup was the first figma meetup in russia, and i've been lucky enough to share the stage with dylan field, ceo and co-founder of figma/ 2019.09.23

visual studies applied to slide from the public talk “types of characters and characters of type” given by gayaneh bagdasaryan, type designer and co-founder of brownfox, independent type foundry / 2019.08.14

kocha is a village with 400 people and one public school. i've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to support the educational project kruzhok.io to with ideation and design-direction for the local village website / 2019.06.15

one more 3d-lettering for "b" / 2019.04.19

i've accidentally found myself within top-500 makers of product hunt/ 2019.03.29

realtimeboard → miro, rebranding + renaming. it was huge. i had a chance to provide with digital art-direction for website and product; the brand was developed in collaboration with vruchtvlees / 2019.03.07


miro mind map is a great tool to visualize your thoughts. and i had a chance to lead this project as a product manager, researcher and design lead. the release become a greqt acquisition channel as well as product of the day on producthunt / 2018.09.20

campus — vorkurs zine / 2018.09

i've made a logo for a pro-bono project, specializing on mental health and finding the right therapist for you / 2018.09.13

some part of everypixel's landing pages redarding to the company / 2018.06.08

busines cards for everypixel / 2018.02.04

everypixel was nominated on the best design tool of the year by producthunt / 2018.01.24


connecting the dots — visual study / 2017.09.12

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